Finance vs Lease

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Financing a Vehicle with Capital GMC Buick | Regina

Buying a car is a major life decision, and one of the more expensive purchases in your lifetime. The process can be stressful: choosing the right car, making sure your budget and payments make sense for your life and then making sure the warranty and extra little things are taken care of. Don’t worry. Capital GMC is here to help you through the entire process!

Our Finance Managers are here to understand your budget, your lifestyle, and help create a payment plan that makes the car-buying process easy. Capital GMC works with several national and local banks, all competing for your business, so you can be sure you’re getting the best interest rate available. If your credit history is a little rocky, have no fear. Our relationship with lenders allows us to help you build your credit back up. We can also offer in-house financing through Capital Finance if that’s the best option for you.

Competitive rates from General Motors and local Saskatchewan banks and credit unions
Quick approvals, especially with our online credit application
Extended warranty available
Services and insurance to protect your investment

Weigh Your Options

Financing a Vehicle

  • Financing is available for new or used vehicles.
  • You own the vehicle even when making payments, so you can customize the vehicle to suit your style or needs.
  • Options for all types of credit ratings
  • Extended warranty options for the length of your term or longer!
  • Payments remain the same throughout the length of your loan, and you may have the option of paying off your loan early.

How does financing differ from leasing?

  • No kilometer allowance. When you finance, you don’t have to worry about how much mileage you put on the vehicle.
  • Most terms are longer when financing a vehicle, typically 60-84 months.
  • Financing is available through national and local banks, in-house financing, or General Motors.
  • The owner obligated to satisfy the full loan balance, regardless of vehicle value.

Leasing a Vehicle

  • Leasing is available for new GMC or Buick vehicles. We also offer in house lease options on Pre-owned vehicles.
  • Lower payments and shorter-term lengths. Option to drive newer vehicles more often.
  • Never run out of warranty! Lease terms are usually well within the factory warranty.
  • Kilometer allowance is usually 20,000 kms to 24,000 km per year but can be adjusted based on your driving habits.
  • Consider vehicles with no previous owners!

How does leasing differ from financing?

  • After your lease is over, you can opt to return the vehicle and walk away (subject to wear and tear) or buy out/finance the vehicle.
  • Most terms are shorter when leasing a vehicle, typically 24-48 months.
  • Leasing is available through General Motors.
  • Leases are subject to upfront costs including first month’s payment, admin fee, and down payment (if applicable).

Buying a Vehicle at Capital GMC Buick | Regina

So you’re ready to buy? Capital GMC is excited to help you find the vehicle of your dreams. Our process is transparent, friendly, and non-pressure to allow an easy car buying experience.

Do you have questions about buying a car? Here are some frequently asked questions:

What types of payments do you accept when purchasing a vehicle?

Most of our customers prefer to finance their vehicle through a bank; we scour the banks and find the best interest rate for you. We also have the option of in-house financing through Capital Finance, and leasing options through GM.

We also accept cash, credit card, bank drafts, or loans through a bank if you’ve decided to obtain your own financing through your preferred bank.

What if I still have a loan for another vehicle?

We can help you take care of the old loan to simplify your payments. We will add the remaining balance of your old car loan (minus any trade-in value if you opt to trade it in) to the new contract. This will create one car payment instead of two!

Can I trade in my old car?

Absolutely! We’re the #1 Used Vehicle dealer in Canada – we LOVE trades. We will offer you an honest value for your vehicle, you can get an average trade-in value with our Trade Gauge tool.

Do I need to put a deposit on a vehicle?

Not at all. However, we cannot guarantee the vehicle you’re interested in will still be in stock when you make your decision. If you’re truly in love with a vehicle, but need some time to think about it, we recommend putting a deposit on the vehicle to ensure no one else takes it home first! Someone may be in love with the exact car you’re thinking about!

Will I know the history of a pre-owned car?

Yes! We offer a transparent process and that includes vehicle history reports. We offer CarProof and we offer all the information we have on the vehicle, including accident/damage history and amount, where it’s been registered, recalls, if it was a lease or rental, and even service history.

We may not have access to information to history that was not claimed or if the work was done privately, but we do our best to give all the information we can!

I think I’m ready to buy. What happens now?

Let us take care of it! We want the process to be simple, fun, and rewarding. The best option, if you’re wanting to finance or lease the vehicle, is to fill out a Finance Pre-Approval form; this will allow us to start working for you right away.

Now the fun part: a Product Specialist can help you find the vehicle you’re looking for, make sure it fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Then test drive!! (The real fun part!)

If you’ve found the one, the next step is talking to a Finance Manager to secure the loan (if necessary), determine payment plan including length, frequency, and amount, as well as any extras you may want such as extended warranty, roadside assistance, insurance, and more.