Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

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Does your vehicle require synthetic oil or regular oil? If you’re unsure what your specific vehicle needs or what the difference is between these two oil types, then don’t panic! The service centre at Capital GMC Buick | Regina is here to show White City drivers like yourself what distinguishes these two oil types from each other. We’ll show you the difference between full synthetic oil and synthetic blends as well as help you determine which type of oil is best for your vehicle.

What Is Conventional (Regular) Oil?

To compare synthetic vs. conventional oil, let’s start by going over conventional oil. Conventional or “regular” oil is a petroleum-based substance that’s been used in internal combustion engines for many years to provide lubrication to internal parts and reduce engine wear. Motor oil is essentially distilled from crude oil that’s mined from the ground, and it also serves to protect your car’s engine from high temperatures.

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is petroleum-based like regular oil, but it provides enhanced lubrication properties and is more stable. Synthetic oil oxidizes less easily than conventional oil and is also better at retaining protective properties. It’s chemically developed from petrochemicals in intense processes to provide pinpointed properties that make it superior to conventional oil – while also being more expensive. 

Synthetic oil also:

  • Is less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Offers enhanced engine cleaning properties
  • Protects critical turbocharger parts better (when equipped)

Full Synthetic Oil vs. Synthetic Blends

In addition to synthetic oil and regular oil, there are synthetic blends. These, as you might expect, are made up of part synthetic oil and part conventional oil, which helps to reduce the cost compared to full synthetic oil. It also provides enhanced properties to standard conventional oil.

For any other questions about full synthetic oil or synthetic blends, drivers are encouraged to reach out to us. Lumsden drivers should note that some vehicles require full synthetic oil, and that could include your GMC or Buick vehicle! Be sure to check your owner’s manual if in doubt about what kind of oil your car requires.

Choose Synthetic & Conventional Oil in Regina!

If you still have questions about whether your vehicle needs synthetic oil or regular oil, contact us. We’re in the Moose Jaw area, but you can also reach us online for quick assistance. You can also schedule an appointment with our service centre online at a time that fits your schedule!

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