Why is Tire Rotation Important?

Rotating tires

Why rotate tires regularly? Regular tire rotations are important for the lifespan of your tires when driving around White City. You’ll get more of an investment when you keep up with tire rotation. What does rotating your tires do? Put simply, your tires don’t wear out evenly. When you keep up with tire rotation every six months, you’ll prevent a single tire from wearing out faster than the others. 

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How Often To Rotate Your Tires? 

How often should tires be rotated? On average, tires should be rotated every six months or every 8,000 km to 13,000 km. Of course, how often to rotate tires is different for your vehicle. Your owner’s manual will give you a better idea of an exact timeframe or mileage indicator. 

Why Rotate Tires?: Drivetrain 

In addition to how often to rotate tires, the drivetrain plays an important factor – it all depends on your driving style around Lumsden. Depending on what drivetrain your car has, your tires are going to wear differently, proving why rotating tires regularly is important. Here’s what the experts, broken down by powertrain:


  • Engine power is distributed to the front wheels; therefore, these will wear out the fastest. 
  • Rotation Process: Move the rear tires to the front and switch positions from left to right


  • Engine power is distributed to the rear wheels, causing faster wear. The front wheels will be responsible for much of the steering and braking. 
  • Rotation Process: Front tires are delivered to the back, switched from left to right and vice versa.


  • Engine power is distributed more evenly, but there are indications that the rear tires still wear faster. 
  • Rotation Process: Move the left rear tire to the right front position and the right rear tire to the left front position; then vice versa.

Find Out What Rotating Tires Does For You Near Moose Jaw

Why rotate tires, and what does rotating your tires do? You’ll prevent potential catastrophes like blowouts and flat tires, along with risking deterioration of your brake pads, among other things. The benefits of what rotating your tires does can be seen at Capital GMC Buick | Regina. Rely on our team to provide you with service tips and tricks

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