Spray-In Truck Liner

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The best protection for your truck bed!

What is it?

Spray-in truck liners are an industrial and commercial protective coating. It’s applied to your vehicle as a spray to a depth of ⅛” and bonds to nearly all surfaces. If you carry big loads, you need to protect the bed of your truck. In addition to mitigating the effects of impact, it provides chemical and corrosion resistance.

The benefits of a truck bed liner are numerous, among the reasons listed above, it also creates a slip-resistant box for the hard-working truck and owner. With a spray-in truck bed liner, you and your truck are ready to handle anything. ​The protective coating gives you the freedom to use your truck effectively, for work or play. Haul what you want and protect your investment from the elements. It’s simple and is high quality for an affordable price.

Why Spray-in Liner?

Drop-in plastic box liners don’t offer the best protection for your truck. After a time, the sun can warp the plastic, causing it to move and possibly hold moisture and corrode. If the bed liner is installed improperly or does not fit, it can cause damage to the truck.

With a spray-in truck bed liner, the product is sprayed in, allowing the product to get into the grooves of the truck bed. They are incredibly durable, creates a waterproof membrane, and a slip-resistant and stronger truck box.



Spray-in Liners can be applied to trucks of all years, makes, and models. The application process delivers a seamless fit because it is sprayed directly to your vehicle; the liner is applied to every crevice. Our expert technicians have the qualifications, experience, and tools necessary to perfectly apply the liner to your truck bed. Trucks are the most common, we’ve also had other vehicles come in for extra protection. We can do our best to accommodate other vehicles and requests, so please feel free to contact us with a special request and we will work with you to understand your needs.

Spray-in liners can be applied to:

  • Truck beds
  • Floorboards
  • Wheel wells
  • Rocker panels
  • And more! Talk to us for special requests!

Give your vehicle a new life with a spray-in liner.


Next, we use a power sanding method with an acetone cleaner to remove debris from all surfaces

Sanding ensures a seamless bond between the coating and your truck bed


Our application process begins long before spraying. To ensure your vehicle remains in perfect condition, we perform extensive prep work to make sure the product bonds properly to the truck bed.

We begin by taping off all areas of the truck except for the surfaces to be sprayed
Taping is essential for avoiding overspray and keeping lines clean


The two-compound mixtures comprising the spray-in liner are stored separately and mixed prior to spraying to ensure high product quality and consistency

We use a high temperature, high-pressure application process
The compound is heated to 140 degrees and is sprayed at 2400 psi for even coverage
The spray formula allows custom application every time that fits your truck perfectly


  • 5’8″ Box: starting at $615
  • 6′ Box: starting at $675
  • 8′ Box: starting at $729

*All prices are approximate and will vary depending on under rail application, over rail application, other truck box accessories currently installed, etc.

Please contact us for your personal quote.


Spray-in liners are proven to be slip-resistant, impact-absorbing, and noise-reducing. They offer chemical and corrosion resistance, rust prevention, as well as superior impact resistance.


Repetitive impacts damage the bed of your truck. If you want to protect your investment without sacrificing your truck’s capability, trust a spray-in liner. You’ll minimize the damage from your cargo, as well as from chemicals and corrosion.


We stand behind our liner coating. Our applications will not bubble, crack, or peel for as long as you own your truck. We guarantee it. Warranty and quality workmanship reinforce your peace of mind.


After applying a spray-in truck bed liner, we recommend keeping your vehicle away from any moisture for 24 hours. We also recommend avoiding heavy use (quads, skids, sleds, etc…) for 48 hours to ensure the product sets. After that, it’s almost indestructible!


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