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Winter Tires

Even if you’re driving safely, Saskatchewan winter roads can be slippery. Reduce your risk on the road by purchasing winter tires. Like a good pair of winter boots, a good set of winter tires means you can stay safer on icy roads throughout the harsh winter months. In our store, we can help you find, replace, or install the right set of winter tires for your vehicle.

Winter tires are built for more than wet, snowy conditions. They perform better in the cold. Capital GMC in Regina recommends switching to winter tires when the temperature dips below 7 degrees Celsius.

Why Winter Tires?

Why are winter tires important? Well, they get roughly 50% better grip in winter when compared to all-seasons. They made with soft rubber and feature more open, aggressive tread patterns that help dig into snow. But it’s not just about performance on snow and ice. When it gets cold, winter tires perform significantly better on dry pavement.

That’s because all-season tires (now called three-seasons) are made with naturally stiff rubber. In summer, that rubber expands, providing more contact with the road. But when it’s cold, that rubber contracts, and becomes even stiffer. When that happens, even if the pavement is dry, your tires behave like skis or hockey pucks, drastically reducing your stopping distance and increasing the risk of dangerous slippage.

Available Tire Brands:

Yes, you read that right! Tires at Cost!

Any Make, Any Model, Any Brand… not a cent over cost. We carry a massive in-store selection, but if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll order them in, AT COST!

Tire Storage

Indoor Climate Controlled Tire Storage is Available!

Your tires are the single, most important safety feature on your car or truck. They are what connect your vehicle to the road, thus allowing your other safety features such as Electronic Stability Control and Anti-Lock Brakes to do an even better job at keeping you and your precious cargo safe and sound, even in tricky Canadian road conditions

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